Sending Notification

Simple Notification

You can send a notification to all configured channels with a following code:

# Python
from kawasemi import Kawasemi
kawasemi = Kawasemi(config)
kawasemi.send("Sample notification.")

# With Django
from kawasemi.django import send
send("Sample notification.")


You can set some options for the each of backends:

kawasemi.send("Sample notification.", options={
    "hipchat": {
        "color": "green"
    "slack": {
        "attachments": [
                "fallback": "Attachment 1",
                "text": "Attachment 1",
                "color": "#36a64f"

Please refer to Backends for all available options.


You can handle errors by using try statement:

    kawasemi.send("Sample notification.")
except Exception as e:

You can ignore errors with fail_silently parameter:

import kawasemi

kawasemi.send("Exceptions are ignored.", fail_silently=True)

Send to a Specific Channel

By default, notifications are sent to all configured channels. You can send notifications to a channel with channel parameter.

Example settings:

config = {
    "CHANNELS": {
        "channel_1": {
            # ...
        "channel_2": {
            # ...

Send a notification to channel_1:

kawasemi.send("sample notification", channel_name="channel_1")