kawasemi is a Python library for sending notifications. HipChat, Slack, Twitter and Yo are supported for now.

kawasemi can be used easily in your Python projects. kawasemi also provides integration with web application frameworks which makes it more easier to load configurations.

At a Glance

After installation and configuration, you can send notifications to HipChat, Slack, Twitter, or Yo with a following simple code:

# Python
from kawasemi import Kawasemi
kawasemi = Kawasemi(config)
kawasemi.send("Sample notification.")

# With Django
from kawasemi.django import send
send("Sample notification.")



  • Python 2.7+
  • Python 3.3+
  • PyPy
  • PyPy3

Supported Frameworks

  • Django 1.8
  • Django 1.9
  • Django 1.10
  • Django 1.11

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